Media Insight have teamed up with one of London's foremost Yoga teachers to bring you a revolution in home Yoga practice. Using motion capture technology and a unique interactive 3D engine, it's now possible to see and understand your Yoga postures in unparalleled detail and clarity. In addition to this, we've combined 3D with clear and precise video instruction delivering a truely holistic learning experience!

Who will benefit from this approach?

This product is beneficial for Yoga practitioners regardless of their style as it's aim is to provide a deeper understanding of the Asanas in a a way that is easy to access, comprehensive and fun to use. Many of the Asanas featured such as Downward Dog or Trikonasana, are foundational to all the Yoga styles.

Click on the sample chapter to see the benefits of our approach. Note this will require you to download and install the Unity 3D Webplayer. Unity is an industry standard interactive 3D tool and will not harm your computer in any way. For more information please visit their website Unity 3D

If you don't want to install the Unity 3D webplayer or are on a computer at work where you do not have the administrator rights, you can download the sample chapter in a standalone version which does not require any installationWindows or Mac OSX.

Namaste. Anna Ashby and the Media Insight team.

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