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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The good news is that the program has not crashed your computer, it's just taking it's time to load. On a reasonably fast machine it will take about a minute to load from the moment you click "accept" on the terms and conditions, to the point at which Anna comes up in the introduction movie and that's because the entire program is loading off your DVD drive. Obviously not all DVD drives are equal so the speed at which everything loads up can vary immensely and just because you have a brand new machine doesn't necessarily mean you have a fast DVD drive! While it's loading from the DVD drive you'll get a black screen which may make you think it's crashed but it hasn't! Other things such as anti virus settings can also impact the speed it takes to load and the guide can seem to hang completely and not load up or take a very long time. Your DVD drive will whirr frantically but nothing seems to happen. Don't worry! All of the above issues are to do with running the program from your DVD drive and can be remedied by copying the contents of the disc onto your hard drive.

Please download our step by step instruction guide showing you how to do this:PC & Mac Instructions PDF. Note that because the program is copy protected you will still need to have the original disc in the DVD drive and when you launch it from your hard disk there will be a slight delay as the copy protection confirms that you have an original copy

Answer: Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with the DVD itself. You'll find that it plays fine on PCs and on your TV DVD Player, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Portable DVD player etc... This is a software problem that is specific to some versions of the Apple DVD Player and is easily fixed. When we authored the Practice DVD we made it region free so it would play anywhere and for everyone, but this can cause a conflict for some versions of the Apple DVD Player. Most DVDs are region locked which explains why you're able to play them fine on your Mac. The answer is to stop Apple's DVD player from autostarting when you put the disc in and to play the DVD using a different DVD Player. There are a lot of free DVD players around and indeed you may already have an alternative installed without realising it. We have tested the DVD on VLC Media player and recommend you use that..

Please download our step by step instruction guide showing you how to fix this:How to fix Practice DVD problem PDF

Answer: The performance of the 3D viewer is almost entirely dependent on the speed of your graphics card. With older or lower spec graphics cards, the 3D viewer may work better on our lower settings. Once the program is running, simply click on the "X" button on the top right hand corner of the screen which will open up the options menu. Choose to lower the 3D settings. When you go back to the 3D viewer you will notice that 3D Anna looks different, however you should also notice an improvement in the playback of the 3D.

Answer: Firstly download our sample chapter from this website or run it from the sample chapter page. If the sample chapter doesn't work then please contact us for further support. If you're able to play the sample chapter with no problems but are still experiencing this flickering video or inablilty to start the program, then it is likely to be the full screen video causing the problem. There have been a few rare incidences where this has been reported and it appears to be caused by a conflict between Intel graphics cards and the full screen video of Unity 3D. Please contact us and we will send you an update that will fix this.

For all enquiries and feedback related to the DVD please email: questions [at] and the team will be happy to assist you either via email or telephone.

To ask about anything Yoga related or to find out where Anna teaches, please email: anna [at] and Anna will be happy to help answer your questions.

The manual can be found on the Interactive Learning DVD itself but if you want to download it as well, you can do so here. Note that you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to see it, which can be downloaded from Adobe via this link: Adobe Acrobat Reader UK

Yoga 3D is a cutting edge new concept in interactive Yoga learning. Please let us know your concerns or feedback so we can add more detail to this page or put out updates on the program.

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