2 DVDs packed with tips and insights to help you build or improve on your home yoga practice!

The Practice DVD

This disc is designed to be played on any normal DVD player or home computer.

System Requirements

PC Mac
Windows XP or above OS X
Pentium 4 – 1.6GHz 1.2-1.25 GHz Power PC G4
512MB of RAM 512MB of RAM
Soundcard Soundcard

The Learning DVD

This disc will ONLY work on your home computer. It will NOT work on a DVD player connected to your TV.

The sample chapter on this website is just one of 19 key poses included in full interactive 3D.
Anna covers the following asana in the DVD:

6 minute audio and visual guide showing key alignment points for each pose. 5 minute live in the class room mini lessons detailing common problems and use of props for each pose. In total, over 3 Hours worth of detailed instruction on the Asana!